Employee Engagement

We help manage the employee life cycle – from hire to retire. It starts with a customized communication strategy that recognizes the unique demographics of your employees and culture. We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so our messaging and recommended communication channels are designed with your company needs in mind.

To ensure a return on your benefit investment, we dedicate considerable time and resources to educate your employees on their benefit options and plan components. We offer service and support throughout the year to help your employees and family members access the care they need. When your employees understand how to access their benefits and have points of contact to direct questions, they appreciate the real value of your investment.

What’s new for 2022?

It’s all about that app.

Benefit communication support

Our processes ensure employees have the benefit knowledge and support they need to maximize employee satisfaction. We can develop and implement communication tools that best meet your employee needs.

  • Employee surveys
  • Customized benefit booklets
  • Benefit fairs
  • Onsite open enrollment meetings
  • One-on-one benefit consulting
  • Enrollment videos
  • User-friendly online enrollment tool
  • Benefit apps
  • Text/mobile messaging
What’s new for 2022?

Tips to leverage your benefits.

Let’s talk benefits and your plan performance.