The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) took root more than a decade ago. Still, plan sponsors can struggle to understand the implications of this complex and far-reaching legislation. Rules apply differently for small and large employers, and obligations vary for fully insured and self-funded groups.

Since passage of the ACA, our compliance team has been ready at the helm reviewing regulations, providing public comment to regulatory agencies and working with state and Congressional leaders to share insight on the law's effect on individuals and businesses.

Our client education efforts include Health Care Reform Bulletins and webinars on topics ranging from applicable large employer calculations to variable-hour employee determinations and the complexities of ACA reporting.

Business owners and human resource managers are already overwhelmed with day-to-day responsibilities. We have tools that can help evaluate your ACA readiness as well as alert you to year-round fee and disclosure requirements.

Whether you employ 50 employees or thousands, we have the expertise to evaluate the cost implications of ACA on your business and advise you on compensation and benefit strategies that ensure your compliance.

ACA expertise you can trust

  • Controlled group evaluation
  • Applicable large employer calculation
  • Measurement period determinations
  • Summary of benefit and coverage requirements
  • Affordability safe harbor applications
  • Medical loss ratio rebate distributions
  • 1094/1095 reporting
What’s new for 2022?

Our employer guide keeps you current on ACA requirements.

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benefit bulletins

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