The labor market is highly competitive, but enlisting the help of Bukaty Companies’ skilled recruiters gives you an edge to find the perfect candidates for position openings. Our team helps identify the qualities you look for in future employees and recruits with your company needs, values and overall company culture in mind. We partner with businesses to provide a dedicated recruiter who handles all recruiting details, freeing you to focus on other responsibilities. Our full-cycle recruiting emphasizes the importance of securing talented employees who contribute to your bottom line.

Improve your employer profile

Our recruiters will work with you and your managers to examine the qualities you want in a candidate that are compatible with your company needs and values, as well as the overall company culture. During this initial intake, your assigned recruiter will examine your company’s online presence, available job openings, job descriptions and compensation structure. This analysis highlights areas for improvement. Once addressed, your company will have competitive and enticing positions to attract the most qualified candidates.

We make recruiting easy as

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We vet all candidates to confirm their experience and appropriate soft skills for the position.


You receive a summary list of finalist candidates to interview. We manage all scheduling and follow up to create a seamless transition for candidates as well as your internal team.


We close out the process by notifying unsuccessful candidates once a decision has been made and the offer is accepted.

Onboarding and more

While the selection process is difficult, onboarding and retention efforts are equally important to ensure employees are successful and productive. As your comprehensive HR consulting service, our full-cycle recruiting includes assessing your onboarding process, organizational culture, continuing education training, employee communications and discipline, and more. Our recruiters also evaluate the employee exit process and make suggestions for compliance and employee relations.

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