Employers are challenged to keep pace with new and changing federal and state laws and regulations affecting employee benefits programs, disability accommodations, paid leave entitlements, and more. Our trusted in-house team of compliance experts continuously monitors new developments to ensure our clients have the information they need to stay informed and compliant.

Compliance ✔

Our Compliance ✔ service provides a review of reporting and disclosure requirements that plan sponsors of employee benefits plans are required to furnish to participants and beneficiaries. This process gives employers peace of mind knowing that year-round compliance requirements are met and documented.

Patient Protection and
Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Turn to us for all of your ACA needs. Whether you need help defining measurement and stability periods, determining benefit eligibility for a variable-hour employee or preparing your annual ACA information returns, our team of experts can help. Since passage of the ACA, we’ve been an industry leader and helped shape the conversation with government and business leaders about this sweeping legislation.

What’s new for 2022?

Plan sponsors have fiduciary obligations. We have the toolkit you need.

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