HR Placement

For our consultants, it’s personal. We act as an extension of your company and help to create and sustain your HR infrastructure no matter the size of your department. Collaborating with your employees enables our consultants to gain insights that help detect issues that put your company at risk.

For businesses with little to no HR infrastructure, our onsite consultant can craft policies and procedures suitable for your company culture. Developing infrastructure includes file organization, compliance audits, training needs, leadership restructuring, and much more. Our consultants are self-starters who can guide you and your business or take direction, as needed.

Each consultant we place has demonstrated expertise and a strong human resource background. They use their expertise to evaluate current practices and collaborate with you to adjust processes where necessary. Filling this HR need allows your company to stay on track and focus on business services.

Proven success

"We have been working with Bukaty for a couple of years now. During a recent acquisition, I was grilled for hours by the opposing attorneys about our HR practices. At the end of the session, there was no follow-up. In my opinion, that is the truest test of a successful HR operation from the compliance standpoint. From the human standpoint, our HR professional has been critical in establishing a culture that recognized hard work, diversity and professionalism. As a founder of a small business, I know how easy it is to forget about HR until you need it. My recommendation is to jump in and establish the right practices to protect and grow your business."

Dave | Co-founder
Software Development

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