We believe the investment in your employee benefits program should be evaluated and managed with the same degree of care and expertise as other aspects of your business. While providing competitive benefit options is an essential component of what we do, our core benefit consulting services extend well beyond traditional plan pricing.

We work with group accounts of all sizes across the country, providing the expertise and skills needed to address a business's particular concerns. Rising benefit costs is a shared concern among all employers; our approach to address these expenses is as unique as your business.

Strategic Planning

The aim of our in-depth strategic planning process is to arrive at a comprehensive benefits program that addresses the needs of your employees within the financial parameters set by your company. We consider your current and future business and hiring plans and develop a benefits strategy for today, with an eye toward the future.

Data Analytics

The more granularly you understand the components of your plan – provider services, pharmacy expenses, network usage, medical trends - the better able you can manage costs. Our data analytic services provide valuable insights that lead to actionable responses.

Pharmacy Cost Control

Rising pharmacy costs are consuming a larger share of your overall benefits budget. Our ability to break apart the various pharmacy components of your plan and identify opportunities for savings translates into meaningful results. With the development of specialty drugs on the rise, this cost must be carefully managed.

What’s new for 2022?

Our suite of services provides a holistic solution employers need.

Disease Management & Wellness

Chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes are responsible for more than 75% of the $2.5 trillion spent on health care in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With the right disease management and wellness interventions, many of these conditions can be managed to avoid secondary complications and stabilize high-care health conditions. Your Bukaty consulting team will identify effective disease management programs based on your claims experience and provide critical data that helps evaluate program effectiveness.

M&A Services

Merger and acquisition activity continues to exceed historical norms. Business owners and executives realize the nature of these discussion are more complex and riskier, requiring expertise that may not exist in-house. Our M&A talent can help you evaluate the risks, costs, challenges, and opportunities that may exist when adopting an employee benefits program of another organization. Our team also can help identify differences in company workplace policies and point out new federal and state labor law requirements your business could be subject to based on the employee totals of a newly combined workforce.

Technology Integration

As companies become more reliant on technology to manage a global or work-from-home workforce, technology integration is critical. Our proven processes eliminate inefficiencies between payroll and benefit administration systems and enhance benefit access and employee appreciation. Best of all, we do the heavy lifting to relieve your internal staff of many burdensome administrative requirements needed to keep your systems performing.

Employee Engagement

Your employee benefit program is one of the most effective means to attract and retain quality talent. Efforts spent to educate and assist employees on how best to utilize their benefits pay valuable returns. Without the appropriate employee engagement tools and strategy, the opportunity to increase employee satisfaction and appreciation of your benefits program is often missed.

Worksite & International Benefits

Once considered optional in an employee benefits lineup, worksite benefits are in high demand among today’s workforce. Also known as voluntary benefits, these products are a cost-effective solution to help employees offset out-of-pocket medical expenses.

For employees working overseas, it’s critical to address employee concerns about their international benefits package. Having access to quality, comprehensive care provides important peace of mind for employees traveling and working outside the United States. Our specialized benefits consultants can walk you through the carrier and coverage options to ensure seamless delivery of health care throughout the world.

Let’s talk benefits and your plan performance.