Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance

Time and labor management systems can eliminate the need for manual calculations and burdensome administrative tasks, allowing your staff to focus on core human resource functions. Supervisors and managers can oversee scheduling, correct time cards, budget time off and labor expenses, and manage employee attendance via a separate, secure dashboard.

Our solution, InspireHCM, is compatible with the industry’s leading time and attendance systems. If you currently utilize a time and attendance system that meets your business needs, we have the capability to develop a customized import of your data for payroll processing. If you’re looking for a new system, or simply want to upgrade, we can analyze the complexity of your payroll to identify the optimal time and attendance system that coincides with your payroll needs. Fully integrated time and attendance systems allow for a single entry point for payroll and human resources. When a new hire is added to payroll, the data is automatically integrated with your human resources system.

The system can be used to

  • track and maintain attendance records,
  • create schedules,
  • accrue benefits,
  • identify tardy or absent employees, and
  • request time off.

Data collection methods include

  • web punch,
  • barcode/badge cards,
  • hand punch,
  • proximity readers,
  • telephone, and
  • finger readers.